Call for Bids to Host CLEF 2022 - September 2022

The CLEF Steering Committee solicits proposals from groups interested in organizing the CLEF conference and labs in September 2022.

Guidelines on submitting a bid can be found in the Template for Bids available at: http://www.clef-initiative.eu/documents/71612/60f6dc78-cc9a-4866-97bc-a4bc858c9d77

Bids must be submitted by Friday, August 2nd 2019 by email to the Steering Commitee Chair Nicola Ferro (chair@clef-initiative.eu).

The Steering Committee will review and select the proposals. The Steering Committee can ask for modifications and changes to the proposals, if deemed necessary. Interested parties can contact the Steering Committee Chair Nicola Ferro (chair@clef-initiative.eu) to receive further details.

Important Dates

- Bid submission deadline: August 2nd, 2019

- Feedback to bidders and discussion: August 2019

- Bid selection: mid September 2019