Steering Committee and Scientific Board

The Steering Committee

The main purpose of the Steering Committee (SC) is to ensure the continuity and the quality of the CLEF Initiatives.

More specifically, the Steering Committee should:

  • plan future CLEF Evaluation Labs and Conferences;
  • evaluate how well each CLEF Evaluation Labs and Conference has achieved the objectives and the mission;
  • collect feedback about CLEF Evaluation Labs and Conference for the purpose of improving over time;
  • work together with the Scientific Board to solicit proposals for and select the venue of future CLEF Evaluation Labs and Conferences, in response to the submitted proposals;
  • assist in the appointment of and approve the General Chair(s), the Program Chair(s) and the Evaluation Labs Chair(s) for the annual CLEF Evaluation Labs and Conference;
  • assist in the appointment of positions in the Organizing, Program, and Evaluation Labs Selection Committees;
  • create a record of experiences from earlier CLEF Evaluation Labs and Conference to be handed to the new organizers;
  • contact and coordinate with relevant conferences and other evaluation activities;
  • co-operate and liaise with evaluation infrastructures which provide management and access to experimental data and support running evaluation activities;
  • manage and maintain a Web portal disseminating and providing all the relevant information about the CLEF Initiative.

The Steering Committee has faculty to change the Charter when necessary.

As a general rule the Steering Committee will meet once a year, in connection with the CLEF Evaluation Labs and Conference meetings, unless some relevant circumstances will require more frequent meetings (not necessarily physical). Coordination and communication among SC members will be achieved via emails, a dedicated area in the Web portal, and conference calls.

The Agenda for the annual Steering Committee meeting will be distributed to the Steering Committee at least two weeks before the Steering Committee meeting.

The Chair is elected for a five year term by the Steering committee members.

The Steering Committee has the final authority on every aspect related to the organization and management of the CLEF Initiatives.

The President of the CLEF Association is a permanent member of the Steering Committee.

Scientific Board

The Scientific Board (SB) has as main responsibility the successful running of the CLEF Initiative. The Scientific Board is formed by the Steering Committee Chair and two Deputy Chairs, responsible for assisting the SC Chair in overseeing the Evaluation Labs organization and the Conference organization, respectively, in order to ensure continuity of event organization over the years.

The Scientific Board is chaired by the Steering Committee Chair. The Scientific Board is responsible for the organization of the annual Steering Committee Meeting, and additional meetings if needed due to exceptional circumstances. The Scientific Board shall keep track of the membership of the Steering Committee in accordance with the CLEF Association membership rules.

Interaction and cooperation among the Scientific Board and the organizers of the yearly CLEF Evaluation Labs and Conferences are expected in order to ensure a smooth running of the event during the year and a proper flow of information among all the different levels of the organization of the CLEF Initiative.

After hearing the opinion of the SC, the Scientific Board may create ad-hoc committees, for example to accomplish specific tasks, or to advise the Scientific Board on specific issues.

Selection Procedure

The Steering Committee members are selected from:

  • the General Chair(s), the Program Chair(s) and the Evaluation Labs Chair(s) of the previous conferences (maximum 3 new members enter the Steering Committee each year), proposed by the Steering Committee Chair;
  • named experts proposed by any member of the Steering Committee.

The proposals will be discussed at the annual SC Meeting and will be accepted if a majority of the SC Members present at the meeting agree.

The Steering Committee should not exceed 15 members; it is expected that all members will play an active part and regularly attend SC meetings. Non-active members may be requested to resign. SC membership will normally be for a period of five years.

The Scientific Board will be elected for five years by and from the Steering Committee members. If a member of the Scientific Board resigns before his/her term is over the Scientific Board can appoint a replacement for the rest of the five year period.