Proposals for the CLEF Evaluation Labs and Conference

The Steering Committee will obtain, through open solicitations, proposals for future CLEF Evaluation Labs and Conference coordination, organization and location of the joint event, with names of individuals who are suitable to serve as General Chair(s), Program Chair(s) and Evaluation Labs Chair(s).

Institutions or individuals interested should send written proposals to the Chair(s) of the Steering Committee by the deadline specified in the Call for Tenders and available on the CLEF Initiative website (at least 18 months before the expected date of the joint event). The proposal shall list facilities, venue, proposed management, preliminary budget and financial arrangements, a brief summary of the event structure, a draft of a preliminary Call for Papers for the Conference, a breakdown of the proposed schedule for Conference and Lab meetings, the scheduling of any other potentially conflicting related event (within several months before and after the proposed conference date), and any other information that the proposers deem relevant to the evaluation of the proposal.

The Steering Committee will review proposals (possibly with the assistance of external reviewers) and notify the proposers of acceptance at least 15 months before the proposed date.