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Collaborative Information Seeking: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

CIS'11 October 2011 - New Orleans, Louisiana


The notion that information seeking is not always a solitary activity, and that people working in collaboration for information intensive tasks should be studied and supported, has become more prevalent in the recent years than ever before. The field of collaborative information seeking is re-emerging, and bringing many researchers and practitioners from various disciplines. We invite you to join a small and motivated set of such participants in a workshop with the theme of "Collaborative Information Seeking: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice". The workshop will focus on theoretical foundations of collaborative information seeking (CIS) as well as its applications, and provide an excellent platform for learning about collaborative/social aspects of information seeking as well as discuss various challenges and opportunities.

PROMISE: Participative Research labOratory for Multimedia and Multilingual Information Systems Evaluation

Large-scale worldwide experimental evaluations provide fundamental contributions to the advancement of state-of-the-art techniques through common evaluation procedures, regular and systematic evaluation cycles, comparison and benchmarking of the adopted approaches, and spreading of knowledge. In the process, vast amounts of experimental data are generated that beg for analysis tools to enable interpretation and thereby facilitate scientific and technological progress.

PROMISE will provide a virtual laboratory for conducting participative research and experimentation to carry out, advance and bring automation into the evaluation and benchmarking of such complex information systems, by facilitating management and offering access, curation, preservation, re-use, analysis, visualization, and mining of the collected experimental data. PROMISE will:

  • foster the adoption of regular experimental evaluation activities;
  • bring automation into the experimental evaluation process;
  • promotecollaboration and re-use over the acquired knowledge-base;
  • stimulate knowledge transfer and uptake.

Europe is unique: a powerful economic community that politically and culturally strives for equality in its languages and an appreciation of diversity in its citizens. New Internet paradigms are continually extending the media and the task where multiple language based interaction must be supported. PROMISE will direct a world-wide research community to track these changes and deliver solutions so that Europe can achieve one of its most cherished goals.