PROMISE Session at CLEF 2011:

"The Promise evaluation infrastructure, where Visual Analytics meets Information Retrieval"

The session is part of CLEF 2011 program. It will describe the overall PROMISE infrastructure architecture, pointing out the role that a Visual Analytics component will play in such a context in order to understand and make sense of the huge amount of measures and other experimental data that an automated environment will quickly host.

The session foresees both oral presentations and live demos, demonstrating the basic ideas behind the PROMISE project: data management, data visualization and analysis, and interaction.


  • Giuseppe Santucci - The PROMISE NoE
  • Marco Dussin - The PROMISE Infrastructure
  • Giuseppe Santucci - The role of Visual Analytics within experimental evaluation campaigns
  • Ivano Masiero and Giuseppe Tino - Novel visualizations for Information Retrieval
  • Guido Lorenzo Granato - The PROMISE Visual Analytics Architecture


  • Accessing the PROMISE Data
  • Analyzing experimental data with interactive visualizations
  • A Visual Analitycs environment for the comparison of ranked result cumulated gains