Charter of the CLEF Initiative

The CLEF Initiative is a self-organized body, part of the CLEF Association, whose main mission is to promote research, innovation, and development of information access systems with an emphasis on multilingual and multimodal information with various levels of structure. CLEF promotes research and development by providing an infrastructure for:

  • multilingual and multimodal system testing, tuning and evaluation;
  • investigation of the use of unstructured, semi-structured, highly-structured, and semantically enriched data in information access;
  • creation of reusable test collections for benchmarking;
  • exploration of new evaluation methodologies and innovative ways of using experimental data;
  • discussion of results, comparison of approaches, exchange of ideas, and transfer of knowledge.

The CLEF Initiative is structured in two main parts:

  1. a series of Evaluation Labs, i.e. laboratories to conduct evaluation of information access systems and workshops to discuss and pilot innovative evaluation activities;
  2. a peer-reviewed Conference on a broad range of issues, including
    • investigation continuing the activities of the Evaluation Labs;
    • experiments using multilingual and multimodal data; in particular, but not only, data resulting from CLEF activities;
    • research in evaluation methodologies and challenges.

The CLEF Initiative is organized by a Scientific Board and a Steering Committee, which are permanent Committees within the CLEF Association, according to article 9 of the CLEF Association Statute.

The CLEF Evaluation Labs and Conference are normally organized on a yearly basis; the CLEF Evaluation Labs annual meetings and the Conference are held in conjunction, typically in September. The Evaluation Labs and Conference are organized by the following Committees:

  • the General Chair(s) and the Organizing Committee;
  • the Evaluation Labs Chair(s) and the Evaluation Labs Selection Committee;
  • the Conference Program Chair(s) and the Program Committee.

The following figure summarizes the structure of and flow of information in the CLEF Initiative.

CLEF Initiative Structure